Link'D Up Marine Bungees are made for marine Use Only. Our products are made from the Highest Quality material available and are intended for Marine use only and Link'D Up Marine Bungees is not responsible for any injures from misuse of Our products. 

All Bungees are made of 3/8' Marine Grade Industrial Shock cord which can withstand and release a shock load at High volume. Link'D Up Marine Bungees cannot furthermore will not be held responsible for any injures from the use of Our products. 

Customer takes full responsibility for the use and routine inspection of our products to ensure that product is free of any damage or wear and tear for each use. If signs of wear or tear are visible do not use as injury or damage to personal property could accrue. Use at Your own Risk! 

Link'D Up Marine Bungees Phender/Balls are made of Soft but high quality PVC blend material. Do not leave in extreme Cold or Hot temperatures as Failure to product could accrue. Do not leave Phender/Balls on vinyl seats in Extreme Heat as a result of doing so color could transfer on to seats or articles of clothing, leather, etc. Link'D Up Marine Bungees is not responsible for failure to comply with our terms of use or warranty on our products. 

Please use All products for purposes intended and at your own risk!