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Link'D Up XL Inflatable Boat Ball/Fender (Silver/Black)

Link'D Up XL Inflatable Boat Ball/Fender (Silver/Black)

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Save storage and space with our XL Boat Ball/Fenders

Made of Soft but Durable PVC blend material to protect the gelcoat on your boat and maintain maximum distance between your boat and other boats or docks. 

Inflates and deflates in seconds for Easy Storage and to save Space on your boat. 

Can inflate up to 28" round for maximum distance and protection for your boat but if that is to Big simply stop at desired size. 

Paired with Our Link'D Up Marine Bungees with Our patent pending ends Linking Up to other boats or docks has never been Quicker or Easier! 

* Comes with 12" adjustable Bungee for ease of hanging from Cleats or our Link'D Up Marine Bungees so you can adjust height as needed. 

As always Only use our Products for Purpose Intended and routinely inspect for wear and tear... Never use if any visible sign wear or defects are present. 

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